When A Cheetah Licks Your Head, Try Not To Laugh

I love animals. This separates me from the .1% of the world that doesn't. So, if you're in the 99.9 percent that welcome or outrightly seek animal encounters, allow me to briefly recount an amazing experience that I recently had just inside the Zambian border. Upon arrival at Gloria's Bed & Breakfast in Livingstone, Zambia; my... Continue Reading →


All Zimbabwe Really Needs is a Chance…& Some Shoeshine

All Zimbabwe really needs is a chance - and some shoeshine. First, let me address the latter. In the dry season, the red soil of Africa, while lovely to look at, gets everywhere, creating spectacular sunsets and the unwanted side effect of dirty shoes. But that is easily fixed. What takes a bit longer is... Continue Reading →

Zim or Zam? If you Understand the Question, you Can Appreciate the Answer

Zim and Zam of course refer to the two countries (Zimbabwe & Zambia) who share a border at the world-renown Victoria Falls World Heritage Site. The question alludes to which side you should visit in order to see them. The answer, in short, is both. Why Zim? The majority of the gorge that fronts the... Continue Reading →

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