Brazos Bend: Stars Above, Gators Below

A witty overview of this gem of a park just outside of Houston


Echoes of Pink Floyd in the Falkland Islands

Of all the locales immortalized in song, one place in particular comes to mind as being just as obscure as the song that contains it. In Pink Floyd's 1983 album The Final Cut, there's a tiny track entitled Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert. It starts with the sound of wind echoing across a... Continue Reading →

Cruising Advice For People Who Don’t Like Cruising – Tip#2

In my first installment of cruising advice for people who don't like cruising, I thoroughly - and with more than just a little scorn in my literary voice - debunked the common excuse given by reluctant cruise-goers of "There's no privacy" or some other such nonsense. In this installment I shall refute another common excuse... Continue Reading →

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