Playful Patagonian Penguins: A Lesson in Chilean Alliteration

Meeting the locals at Seno Otway Penguin Colony

Of all the possible wildlife encounters one could have in the lower Southern latitudes, perhaps the most sought-after – and definitely among the most charming – is seeing penguins in their native habitats; which aside from a small group of rebels in the Galapagos Islands, are exclusively found in the Southern hemisphere. Fortunately, they are quite social creatures, preferring to live in colonies that span icebergs, mountainsides and shorelines. A particularly accessible cluster is the Seno Otway Penguin Colony – a privately-owned piece of shoreline favored by the little critters – only about an hour’s ride from the port city of Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia. And if alliteration is your thing, you’ll find it super scintillating and satisfying.

Getting There

Punta Arenas can be reached by air (quickest), road (accessible only via Argentina)  or sea (arguably the most scenic). As the main city of the Magellanes region, Punta Arenas is a popular port of call for cruise ships running the ‘Round the Horn’ or Antarctic Peninsula itineraries. Once in town there are various activities available, but if you’ve come this far and haven’t spent time with any of those adorable locals, then a trip to Seno Otway is an easy day tour that can be arranged via your cruise line or hotel desk. Be advised that there is an entrance fee, so make sure that’s included (or at least disclosed) in your tour. You won’t want to chance any cheating charges.

What You’ll See

Off for the day shift

Seno Otway is a large sound in the intricate maze of Chile’s southern coastline. Every year (mainly September through March) thousands of Magellanic Penguins arrive to breed and feed in the grassy tussock that lines the shore. As one of the only penguin species known to burrow, they make their nests and take shifts caring for their extra-fuzzy babies. There’s a loop trail meandering through the site, and while you’re not permitted to interfere with the penguins, you’ll be plenty close to observe them and their endearing waddling between the nesting area and the shore.

A highlight is an overlook of the shoreline where the penguins cluster with all their awkward movements and social interactions. This is where you’ll see the penguins in greater numbers, and therefore will want to make sure you have an appropriate zoom lens for this great photo op. Your efforts here may just bag you the spectacular, scenic snapshot that will become the highlight of your album.

Cluster of Cuteness, Seno Otway, Chile

In Summary

Patagonia – Chilean or Argentinian, is a ruggedly beautiful, relatively unspoiled part of the world. From the Beagle Channel to the National Parks to the windswept Pampas, you can go silly with alliterative terms to describe its bountiful, bucolic beauty; majestic, mountainous montages; and pleasant, pristine panoramas. But no list would be complete without seeing the playful, peregrinating penguins that populate the penultimate piece of property prior to the perilous, southernmost point of South America.

Walking the winding, windswept walkways, Seno Otway, Chile

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