I Am the Globechatter…


Attention all educators, administrators and event planners, as well as people who know, regularly associate with, or are married to educators, administrators and event planners! And while we’re at it, listen up everyone else who follows this blog and is fascinated by travel. As you may already know, for the past few years I have been honing my skills as a professional speaker, regaling my audiences with a wealth of firsthand travel-themed information through my TraVisuals series via Trip Accomplice. Well, I am pleased to announce a re-branding of myself and the nature of the programs I offer. I shall now go by the name of: The Globechatter.




As I foraged my way through the steep learning curve of breaking into public speaking, I quickly discerned that I would need to establish a unique persona – one that would be my ‘hook’, ‘shtick’ or any other terms that mean ‘that which sets me apart’. Since my ‘hook’ is that I’m a world traveler seeking to inspire, educate and entertain through the wonders of world travel, I knew I needed a name that would reflect the global nature of my programs. It would also have to indicate that I am, in fact, a speaker. Hence, globe + chatter = The Globechatter. It’s a pleasure to meet you.




While my original programs were mainly destination pieces showcasing my photographs taken from around the world, it became clear that to be relevant in the speaking industry, it would be necessary to adapt my presentations to the needs of teachers, event planners and the like. So I converted several programs to be applicable for classroom & school assembly settings, and developed my motivational speech Stamp Your Passport: A Traveler’s Road Map for an Awesome Life!, which has quickly become my most popular theme.


Now What?


Well, I was hoping that you could tell me. I would love some feedback on my new speaking-dedicated site www.theglobechatter.com as well as my demo video below. If you know of anyone who hires speakers and is looking for a unique, engaging and enriching program for their attendees, please pass this link along. In fact, anyone referring me contact information for someone who handles such affairs will receive a FREE copy of my witty travel guide You Can Keep Your Adventure, Just Leave Me the Toilet Paper. Oh, and you will also earn my undying gratitude.

Thanks everyone for being loyal readers, and wish me the best with my latest endeavor to share the amazing life lessons derived from traveling about the globe. Please leave your comments, suggestions and lamentations below…