Links & Resources

MtCook 066No man is an island. That goes for me too. So here I’ve included links to some helpful sites for the aspiring traveler, including, of course, my own.

This is the home of my travel consulting site. Along with details about the services I offer, there is a photo gallery and list of references from satisfied customers.

This is my brand new site focusing on my activities as a public speaker/presenter. It details my repertoire of travel presentations for all audiences, so if you’d like ME to speak at your function, school or organization, check here for more details.

This wonderful unofficial site dedicated to the World Heritage List is a great resource to check before planning a trip.

While you’ll have to weed through the crybabies and wide-eyed newbies who think everything is great all the time, I’ve found the law of averages gives the would-be traveler an accurate degree of expectation through the reviews of actual travelers (i.e. unpaid)

I’m man enough to admit that I’m not the only worthwhile travel blogger on the internet. If you’d like another perspective on all things travel, by all means visit the thereandbackagaintravel blog for some enjoyable insights.


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