Bite Size Destination Throwback: Costa Rica 2006

This week makes a full 15 years since my first visit to the natural playground that is Costa Rica. Though that trip came at a very difficult time in my life, the mind-blowing beauty of this Central American gem somehow kept most of my attention. The lush rain forest, impressive volcanoes and pervasive scent of flowers are as good a natural remedy for depression as the world can offer, and in my much improved state of mind, looking back is more pleasure than pain

Destination: Costa Rica

Year: 2006

Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica

What Brought Me There

Needing a warm weather escape after a tragedy at home, Costa Rica drew my attention for its proximity, its reputation as a safe destination in an otherwise dicey region of the world, and let’s face it: the abundance of soft adventure opportunities on offer. Nothing like going off to play in paradise to get one’s juices flowing.

What I Loved

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Upon landing in Costa Rica, I felt as if I were in one big, giant, natural theme park – each with its own geological attractions. My highlights were all under the shadow of the massive Arenal volcano. I went rappelling for the first time in a nearby canyon, took my lumps on the roughest whitewater rafting trip I’ve encountered to date, and spent a glorious day soaking in the paradise-like waters of Tabacon Hot Springs.

This is not to say that the rest of the country was a bust. Carrera National Park was a trove of wildlife encounters, and despite my negative headspace at the time, the wild Nicoya Peninsula was just as pretty as advertised.

What I Would Do If I Went Back

Technically I have returned since that first trip, but that was just one day off a cruise ship spent at popular Manuel Antonio National Park. If I could go back I wouldn’t mind seeing the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the beaches of the Guanacaste, and if money were no option, the feather in any diver’s cap: Cocos Island.

Have you been to Costa Rica? Share your favorite moment in the comments below. And if you want a great Costa Rica souvenir, check out the Costa Rica Rugged Country Code Tee in the Custom Travel Art Shop.