Risk Addiction & Win A Free Book

You Can Keep Your Adventure bookSo just the other day I came across a geography game I was addicted to years ago (and am now once again). In short, you are given the name of a city or place of interest to be found on the accompanying map. These maps are not labeled, and being a rather small window, many of the small islands are hard to see, if they’re even visible. To score points, you must not only click the spot on the map where you think the location is, but must also do so in a limited stretch of time – with greater points for accuracy and speed.

Not only is this a fun test of your current geography skills, but a great way to improve on said skills as well. At times, instead of being given a city name, you’ll be given clues, which adds a whole other element of difficulty. If you wind up holding back a stream of uncomplimentary words while saying to yourself “That’s not fair! I’ve never even heard of that place!” take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Now for the contest. So confident I am in my geographical prowess, that I am willing to send a FREE copy of my eBook You Can Keep Your Adventure, Just Leave Me the Toilet Paper to anyone who can beat my Travel IQ record (which is listed once the game is over) of 138. Take a screenshot and send it to ben@tripaccomplice.com and I’ll send you a copy along with my great admiration.

And if you can’t beat it, take heart in knowing that at least you’re a little more geographically literate than before. Plus, unless you’re really cheap, you can still buy the book at your favorite online retailer.

Without further ado, the game: