Bryggen of Bergen – Character & Charm That is Way Off the Level

The Norwegian city of Bergen, tucked into the hilly archipelago of Norway's west coast, is a lot of things. It is charming. It is historic. It is picturesque. And when speaking about its main attraction - Bryggen - it is all these things, except level. This colorful wharf in heart of the Bergen's inner harbor... Continue Reading →


Norway Beyond “The Nutshell”

"Norway in a nutshell" is tourist-speak for a classic itinerary that includes traveling between the cities of Oslo and Bergen with a stop among the world-famous fjords in between. This is a great option if you have limited time and mobility, and, as the name would suggest, allow you to see the essence of this... Continue Reading →

Have Your Cannoli and Eat it Too in Positano (by Staying in Praiano)

Positano - a jewel on Italy's Amalfi Coast - is a two-edged sword. It is a beautiful riot of boxy buildings rising sharply upward along a natural notch in the vertical coastline. It has stunning panoramas. It has gorgeous hotels. It has mouthwatering eateries. It has ambiance out the wazoo. It also has a lot... Continue Reading →

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