Help Me Choose My Cover Art

Which do you prefer? Right or Left?
Which do you prefer? Right or Left?

Greetings Dear Readers,

I have some exciting news to share and also a favor to ask. For those of you who don’t already know, I’m nearing completion (on the writing portion, anyway) on my first travel eBook entitled You Can Keep Your Adventure, Just Leave Me the Toilet Paper! I will have more about the book’s contents for you later. But for now, I need your help picking my cover art from the top two finalists. Which one do you think has greater shelf appeal and would better inspire a prospective reader to want to know more? Left or Right?


Your assistance is greatly appreciated. For those who have seen this same post on my Instagram (@tripaccomplice) account and the Trip Accomplice Facebook page, I apologize for what must seem like a bombardment. Once a final decision is made I will post the results.


Thanks in advance for your input, and be sure to look for updates as the project reaches its final stages (including a detailed preview already in the works). Hope to hear from you!


23 thoughts on “Help Me Choose My Cover Art

    1. Thanks so much for the input. I’m inclined to agree with you. Quick question: when I have an advanced reading copy ready, would you be interested if I sent you one for a review? Maybe even a free copy for your readers? Just putting it out there.


    1. Thanks Aiden. I have a hypothetical question for you. When the book is done, would you be interested in an advanced reading copy for a review? Perhaps even a copy or two to give away to readers? Just putting it out there.


  1. Hi Ben
    How about hosting a website also which gives away tips to travellers. Your blogs are very meticulous and detailed. Even readers like us also would love to contribute. What say?


    1. Interesting thought. Are you suggesting a second blog? I try to give away tips for my own posts, but perhaps beginning with a post where others are invited to share their thoughts? I’d be happy to be involved in a collaboration but I’m unsure of how to proceed


      1. I actually do own that very site, but not being overly tech savvy, have never integrated the two nor do I know how to. Definitely something worth looking into, and if you have words of advice, feel free to contact me via email at If you’re interested in writing a guest post I’d be happy to accommodate and vice versa


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