A Gaijin’s Perspective of Touring Tokyo

The Japanese term gaijin, despite some pejorative overtones, generally refers to a person of non-Japanese ethnicity - particularly Caucasians. I'll be the first to admit that such a term would apply to me. In fact, I feel no shame whatsoever. Considering all the trouble white males have inflicted upon the world throughout history, putting up with... Continue Reading →


It Took Me 39 Years to Cross 14 Miles to Block Island (But it was Worth the Wait)

To properly understand this piece, I need to provide a brief snapshot of my life at the time of writing. I am currently 39 years old and have lived my entire life on Long Island, NY, which for the benefit of all those reading this article out loud, is properly pronounced Lawn-GUY-lind. As a native of Suffolk... Continue Reading →

If You Want to Name a Building, Check First With Beijing

China is known for a lot of great things. The Great Wall. Great take-out. And great deals on cheaply manufactured goods. But it is a little-known and rarely heralded fact that is my favorite of all Chinese contributions to our world heritage. Their buildings have the coolest names. While most Western buildings are named after... Continue Reading →

Mouth For Sale: Introducing the New Presentations Page

I cordially invite all my readers to check out my new Presentation List page, highlighting the in-person programs I offer to libraries, schools, corporate events, prison support groups, flash mobs, random buildings with built-in projectors, or lonely people interested in travel with enough cash to hire me out. Please take a minute to have a look... Continue Reading →

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