The Photo Gallery Has Been Refreshed!

Sunset over the Historic Center, Parati, Brazil
Sunset over the Historic Center, Parati, Brazil

Yes, after a year of blogging it was time to refresh the photo gallery with the best of the pictures that adorned the posts during the course of the year. Have a look and feel free to share with others on your own social media accounts. And for the benefit of my new followers, you can also follow my travel photo account on Instagram at @tripaccomplice for original travel photos and blurbs once a week.

Was there a particular photo you saw (and loved) in a previous post that you don’t see in the gallery? Just leave me a comment and I’ll insert it right away!


  1. Hi Ben, really a collection of good pics you have here.
    Can I suggest something? For the next posts, maybe you’d like to consider setting the pics not much bigger than the computer screen (the nice one up there goes way beyond the edge of my screen). This way your ‘space quota’ will last longer, I guess. 🙂 Cheers!


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