When it Comes to Travel Arithmetic, I Prefer Subtraction

18 Days, 5 Hours, 59 minutes to go. That's what my handy countdown-timer app read as I began writing this post. It is amazing how much math is involved in planning a trip. You have to calculate the cost per night multiplied by the number of nights. You have to add your expenses such as... Continue Reading →


A Boring Place to Visit But A Great Place to Live?

Before arriving in Singapore, I met a British man on a dive live aboard in the Andaman Sea who summed it up as: A boring place to visit but a great place to live. This struck me as odd, as I'd always assumed that the things that make a place a nice place to live... Continue Reading →

So Other Than Convenience, Exposure & Increased Productivity, What Has the Internet Ever Done for the Travel Industry?

The other day I was recounting life before the Internet to my nieces, and I felt like a crotchety old man talking about the good old days when phone lines were used for talking and streaming had more to do with water flow than bandwidth. While an argument can be made about my level of... Continue Reading →

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