And the Nominees For Best Travel Blog That (Almost) Nobody Has Heard of Are . . .

In what appears through preliminary Google research to be a rite of passage for new-ish bloggers, I have been nominated to receive the ethereal Liebster Award, courtesy of not just one but two fellow bloggers: Sarah Virginia at and the well-written blog at Much obliged for the honor and consideration.

For my readers, this post is a bit different than the normal travel-themed shtick I share, as there are some rules that must be observed for nominees. They are, and I quote:

“The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them (me). Provide 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11 question set by the person who nominated you. Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!”

I will do my best to satisfy these requirements, and any of you wishing to know more about the man behind the map should now receive more than you’ve bargained for. So, without further ado, my 11 facts that might not be evident from my writings:

1) In addition to my expertise in the travel field, I have been a full-time volunteer minister for 20 years and know what it means to enjoy the ‘greater joy of giving’.

2) Despite a childhood of abundant clumsiness, I’ve never broken a bone in my body (and wish to keep it that way).

3) I married a girl who is my perfect compliment–meaning she’s my complete opposite and that’s why it has worked for the past 15 years

4) When I was 21 I wrote and published a novel called The Gardens of Sir Verity. which I later revised and published in eBook and Kindle (mobi) format to even less commercial success than the first time!

5) My relationships are my most important possessions.

6) Every material item that means something to me can fit into a backpack.

7) I love making people laugh. I’m still working toward my lifetime goal of making someone laugh so hard that they pee themselves.

8) Also at 21 I wrote, produced, starred in, and edited an amateur movie called J.P. Chance and the Case of the Black Widows.

9) I wrote a second and as-yet unpublished novel called The Pontine Riddles, set on the Italian island my wife’s family is from.

10) I was completely retarded when it came to home improvement until I got a house. Now I handle most renovations myself.

11) Though my travel writing is a labor of love, I wish I had more followers to share it with. Still hoping for my ‘big break’…

Now to answer the obligatory questions. Sarah first:

1) Who is your favorite author? Tie between Jack McDevitt and Orson Scott Card.

2. Are you a dog or a cat person? Both and then some

3. If you could have one movie on a desert island, what would it be? Hoosiers. I’m not even a basketball fan but I just love the characters,story and soundtrack.

4. Where would your dream vacation be? Tough question since I’ve already taken most of my ‘dream’ vacations. On my short list is Angor Wat in Cambodia, Petra in Jordan, and Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania. Madagascar & Reunion Island would be pretty cool as well.

5. If you could write for any magazine in the world, which would you choose? National Geographic Traveler, obviously.

6. Someone hands you $1,000. What would you do with it? Hand it to my wife if I know what’s good for me.

7. What comes to mind when you think of homeless people? The injustice of this world’s system of things.

8. If you could go back in time and meet anyone, who would you want to meet and why? Jesus, because, well, its Jesus and I’d like to hear things from the source.

9. What is your favorite past time? Scuba Diving

10. What kind of music do you love? I love all kinds but have a special yen for movie and TV original scores

11. If you could be really incredibly amazing at just one thing, what would you choose? The most amazing husband, because my wife deserves it.

And now questions from LoudThoughtsVoicedOut:

1. Why do you blog? For me, an experience cannot be fully appreciated unless it is shared. Blogging is my platform.

2. What’s your favorite book, ever? For non-fiction, the Bible. For fiction, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

3. If you could choose between a private island and the most expensive house/apartment in New York, what would you pick? Hands down, the private island.

4. Your dream job would be..? Travel writer on assignment oversees.

5. If you were given a publishing deal, what would you write a book about? I’d probably just have my as-yet unpublished novel The Pontine Riddles published. And then write sequels using the characters.

6. Your favorite color? Don’t have one. All depends on the context.

7. One thing you want to do before the year ends? Visit more countries.

8. If you were given a billion dollars with only one day to spend it all and no sign or trace of it to be left behind, what would you? Fly everyone I care about first class to the Seychelles and rent an island for a huge party. With the time zone changes I just might be able to do it.

9. A movie you believe every person should watch at least once in their lifetime? The Princess Bride. Next question.

10. Your favorite author? As mentioned in the last set, a tie between Jack McDevitt and Orson Scott Card.

11. Your childhood hero? No real heroes, but plenty of great role models.

It is at this point that I must nominate other blogs I follow. Since I don’t follow that many with under 200 followers, I will spread the love to some that I’ve been fortunate enough to chance upon:


The questions for those I have nominated:

1) What do you picture yourself doing 5 years from now?

2) Who is the person that has had the greatest influence on your life?

3) If you were given a blank ticket good on any airline, where would you go and why?

4) What makes you sadder than anything else?

5) What was the last kind act you did for someone?

6) Do you consider yourself a person open to new ideas?

7) What was the single coolest experience in your life?

8) Would you still write if no one else could see what you wrote?

9) To your mind, what would you need to accomplish to consider yourself successful in life?

10) Who is the best ‘unknown’ author that you’ve read?

11) Would you be willing to change your thoughts and behavior if your life were in the balance?

As a nominee the rules are that you post your own facts/answers/nominees/questions on your blog and leave a link in my comments so I check on what you wrote.

This concludes the soul-bearing portion of our program. I want to take this opportunity to thank my small core of loyal readers. Sure my numbers are pathetic, but the fact that someone reads what I write is incentive to press on. More to come shortly…


  1. Congratulation on your nomination. Really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions and found the concept of the award very interesting. Keep up the good work. I always read and thoroughly enjoys our posts.


  2. Congrats on being nominated, this is such a brilliant way for smaller bloggers like us to be noticed. You will have to let us know how you get on! Some interesting facts too, I have also never broken a bone (and would very much like to keep it that way). I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, keep it up!


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