What’s a 47-Letter Word For ‘Up’?

I've got nothing against the Finns. During my brief sojourn in Finland they were nothing if not polite, helpful and friendly. Their language however, is a different story. I have never seen so many characters in one paragraph than I did in Helsinki during December of 2011. Considering I arrived in the morning after an... Continue Reading →


Death, Taxes & The Pyramids

It's been nearly 19 years since I've visited the Pyramids at Giza, and at first I was hesitant about writing about them. After all, a lot can change in 19 years. Unless of course, you're the Pyramids, where 19 years would barely be a drop in the bucket if only they saw any rain. Yes,... Continue Reading →

And the Nominees For Best Travel Blog That (Almost) Nobody Has Heard of Are . . .

In what appears through preliminary Google research to be a rite of passage for new-ish bloggers, I have been nominated to receive the ethereal Liebster Award, courtesy of not just one but two fellow bloggers: Sarah Virginia at http://svdeaner.wordpress.com/ and the well-written blog at http://loudthoughtsvoicedout.wordpress.com/. Much obliged for the honor and consideration. For my readers, this post is... Continue Reading →

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