My Blog Goes Visual

I know. People read blogs because they love to read. But for those in my audience that would rather watch than read, I’ve produced my first travel-blog video, recapping my post; The Witty Traveler’s Guide to Cruising Alaska. I’ve included the  link below and would welcome your feedback–good or bad.

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7 thoughts on “My Blog Goes Visual

  1. You should embed the video into the post. (Under share, click embed and copy that script.) Interesting video, narration is well written.


  2. Tasha

    It was excellent. I really enjoyed it and look forward future videos. Also I agree with missmanagingxo. I will recommend to all my friends!!! Btw did you do a blog on Amsterdam?


    • Thanks for the input and the endorsement. I don’t have any posts about Amsterdam because I haven’t been there…yet :)!


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