Film Location Fun & Folly

I still remember the first time I saw a film location site in person. I was young—preteens for sure. My dad had a business trip in L.A. and was able to have me come along. After the event was over we stayed another few days, and being the wonderful dad that he is, he worked... Continue Reading →


New or Old, Delhi Has Plenty on the Menu

When I was planning my trip to India, the only reason I included Delhi was because it would be our port of entry. I thought anything worth seeing would be in Agra, Jaipur or scattered around Rajahstan. I thought Delhi—New or Old, would be worth little more than a day’s attention, with more important sights... Continue Reading →

All Caribbean Islands Are Not Created Equal (Despite What The Beach Boys Imply)

  “Aruba. Jamaica. Oooh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahama. Come on pretty mama…” Thanks a lot Beach Boys. Your song Kokomo just reinforces a stereotype that geographically-challenged Americans have about the Caribbean. Namely, that it’s all the same. Now it’s up to me, and others like me, to set matters straight, and... Continue Reading →

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