Bangkok & The Power of $5

     To most Westerners, the name Bangkok evokes images of ramshackle urban landscapes and sleazy massage parlors. Sure, you can still find it if you go looking for them, but today Bangkok is a surprisingly modern city with all the amenities we’re used to, plus a whole lot of exotic flavor of which we’re... Continue Reading →


A Day At The End Of The World

If asked as to where in the world one would expect to see such alpine scenery as shown here, no doubt the usual suspects would come to mind: The Alps. The Rockies. Maybe New Zealand. But the answer lies both across and down in a seven letter word for ‘the end of the world’—Ushuaia.  ... Continue Reading →

Maximization & Other Made-Up Travel Philosophies

In my previous post If You’re Going To India, Turn Right At Finland, I mentioned the concept of ‘maximization’—a self-invented term of travel philosophy—when discussing the art of the stopover. I will now elaborate further on that concept and how it applies to planning travel. Just a word of caution: I WILL be using some... Continue Reading →

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